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Our mission: 

To create personal care products that meet the high expectations and standards that our loyal customers have come to expect...To use only natural ingredients and never include preservatives or chemical additives...to respect the environment through minimal and recyclable packaging...to offer unsurpassed and uncompromised customer service.

  Debra Nuss:   I like smooth skin.  I would imagine most of us do, but getting there can be a challenge.

  I started Shaqari because I wasn't finding what I needed to take better care of my skin.

  Shaqari is about clean.  Clean skin, clean ingredients...you need both to make it really work and get the benefits...and the benefits are real.

Shaqari is about enjoying a scent without having to wear it the rest of the day.  It's about knowing what's in the product and being okay with it.  It's about being happy and getting excited when a Shaqari box arrives.  And don't forget the Free Shipping!  Who doesn't like free shipping?

I said to myself..."What would I like in the box when it arrives?"      I like neat stuff and Shaqari stuff is definitely neat!

I was buying all kinds of scrubs.  The salt scrubs stung, the sugar scrubs had so many chemicals in them that I couldn't believe they were allowed to use the words 'all natural'.


 The lip balms were too greasy and the lotions too heavy.  With most of the personal care products I was buying I couldn't even pronounce most of the ingredients.  That really troubled me.  Basically,  if it's in the jar, then it will be absorbed into your skin.  I decided that I could do a better job.  That's how Shaqari was born.

   I followed ONE SIMPLE RULE:  Everything in the jar must be Skin-Friendly!   Shaqari is pure, it's simple, and it's Hand Made.  Really!  We actually make everything by hand.  Some of our products are Vegan, as well.  We care about our customers and our planet so attention to detail is the rule, not the exception. 

  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our store and I hope you will try my products.  Be sure to email me with your thoughts.  I really do want to know about your experience here and I welcome your comments.

Warmest regards,

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