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Frequently Asked Questions...

> How long will Shaqari Sugar Scrubs last?

Shaqari sugar scrubs will last for months.  We do suggest that you keep them covered, especially if you keep the jar in the shower or bath area.  It is not necessary to make the cap tight...just lightly closed.  If water does get into the jar, don't worry!  It will not harm the scrub, but try to keep it to a minimum.

> My sugar scrub hardened in the jar!

The ingredients of the sugar scrub have separated in the jar and the sugar has crystallized.  Just take the shell we sent you and dig down into the jar and give it a good mix.    It will be good as new!

> My Face Sugar Scrub arrived separated in the jar!

This is normal as we do not add emulsifiers to our sugar scrubs.  The essential oil, honey blend & water have separated from the sugars.  Just mix it with the shell we sent you and it will be perfect.

> I've heard that I should never put my fingers into the jar because the water I introduce will cause the scrub to go bad.

This is not true with Shaqari Scrubs! Some scrubs contain ingredients that may turn rancid from bacteria.  None of our products require preservatives. In our special blend of essential oils in the Body Scrubs, we use a 'carrier' oil that has anti-bacterial properties, as does the honey blend.  There is nothing in the Face Scrub to go bad.  We expect our scrubs to maintain their original characteristics for several months.

> Isn't brown sugar better than white sugar?

No.  Brown sugar is not 'better' than white sugar.  Brown sugar is white sugar + molasses!

> How old is the jar that I receive?

All Shaqari Face & Body sugar scrubs are made By Hand, and On Demand.  Your product was made and packaged within days of your order.  Always fresh!

> Why doesn't Shaqari make one scrub for both face and body like other companies?

We don't think you should treat your face the same way you treat the rest of you body.  Shaqari Face and Body sugar scrubs have slightly different ingredients and, more importantly, different textures. The Shaqari Face Scrub contains a combination of sugars that have been specially refined to our strict standards to maintain just the right amount of scrubbing action while not feeling too rough.  Some brands claim universal use but we don't see how that is possible.

> How often should I use a face scrub or body scrub?

We don't recommend that you use the Face or Body Scrub more than twice a week.  You need to give your skin time to replenish itself between scrubs.

>Other brands use real glass jars. Why do you use plastic?

We use plastic jars for 2 very good reasons:

  • Plastic has a smaller carbon footprint than glass.  It is lighter to ship and less costly to produce and recycle.

  • Our jars will be used primarily in the bath and shower.  If you accidentally drop the jar onto a tile floor, you will be thankful that we did NOT use glass!

Yes, glass is more attractive and may attract more sales, but your safety (and the environment) are more important.  And the ribbed top makes the jar much easier to handle with wet or soapy hands.

> Will my order arrive with a leaking jar like other brands?

Not ours!  We use a commercial Induction Heat Seal system that bonds the cap liner to the jar with an FDA approved sealant so nothing can leak.  The process is expensive but a leaky jar is no way to treat a customer!

> Many other lip balms have honey. Isn't honey good for your lips?

We don't include Honey (or any other sweeteners) in our Moisturizing Balm because...

  • Our Balm is VEGAN.  That means No Animal Products!  That's why we don't use Bee's Wax, either.

  • Adding a sweetener to your lip balm is actually bad for you...good for the manufacturer.  Lip Balm is supposed to protect your lips and allow them to heal naturally.  Sweeteners in the balm tend to make you lick your lips more.  Continually licking your lips defeats the purpose of the lip balm, forcing you to use more and more product. 

> Why doesn't Shaqari make a lip balm with SPF for sun protection like other companies?

The short answer...in our opinion it really can't be done 'all natural' and 'safe' with complete honesty.

The long answer:  There are only a few natural products that offer UVA & UVB protection...Titanium oxide and Zinc oxide the most widely used...both derived from naturally occurring minerals.  Zinc oxide is preferred because it has a broader spectrum of protection.  The problem is color.  Zinc oxide leaves a heavy white coat on your skin because it has very large particles (which is one reason it reflects/blocks the sun's rays so well).  This is not the most attractive look unless you're a lifeguard at the beach!  To remove the white appearance in a cosmetic, the particles need to be reduced in size small enough to disappear in the product.  The FDA has acknowledged that when zinc oxide particles are reduced too much they are then small enough to enter the skin and make their way into your body's cells.  While Zinc is an important mineral for your body to contain, the absorption of zinc oxide in this fashion may be toxic to your cells.

Some companies have reduced the zinc oxide particles to just above the FDA limits to remove the 'white'.  This is 'too close for comfort' for Shaqari to declare the product 'safe'.   Also, in 2011, the FDA announced new Federal Guidelines as to how a sunscreen or sunblock may be labeled, and the manufacturer will have to produce test data to legally use any SPF labeling or claims of sun 'protection'.

So what's the answer?  At this time, there is NO DEFINITIVE SCIENTIFIC DATA to support an 'all natural' and 'completely safe' sun-block or sun-screen.  Like so many things in our daily lives, this is an individual choice as to what's best for you.  Personally,  I use the Shaqari Balm as needed, and a real Zinc oxide lip protection (not a lip balm!) on the beach, on the boat, or when skiing in bright sun.  I can usually get one in a shade of red (still all natural) that resembles a lipstick.  Remember...beauty can never improve your health, but better health will enhance your beauty!

> Why are all your lotions white?

All of our lotions, regardless of scent, are white because we do NOT use artificial colors nor do we add ingredients that are not necessary. Most pure essential oils and high quality fragrance oils have little or no color...they are clear. Shaqari will never use any chemicals or dies to alter the natural state of our ingredients.